Past Conferences

Fish Passage 2017 will be the seventh annual conference in this series. For more information on past conferences, please click on the banners below.

Downloadable PDF's for many of the FP2011-2015 presentations can be found here.  The presentations from the Fish Passage 2016 conference are included in the UMass Amherst Box portal, a cloud storage device similar to Google Drive and DropBox.  The presentations are grouped by sessions in compressed zip folders.  Click here to view the FP2016 list of presentations by session and click here to access the FP2016 presentation files.

The FP2016 presentations will soon be transferred to the UMass Scholarworks website, where presentations from prior Fish Passage Conferences are currently archived.  Once they are transfered, the UMass Amherst Box portal will be deactivated and you will be directed to the UMass Scholarworks page to access the presentations.

Fish Passage 2016

Fish Passage 2015

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