Design, Construction and Operation of PIT Tag Monitoring Systems

INSTRUCTORS: Warren Leach & Hugo Marques, Oregon RFID

Cost: $50 AUD / $35 USD                              Numbers: 10 – 20 Delegates


A one-day course about design, construction, and operation of PIT tag monitoring systems for fish passage, with a focus on antenna design, including practical demonstrations.


On completion of the course, participants will have a basic understanding of the fundamentals RFID technology for fish tracking using PIT telemetry and concepts in antenna design, both in theory and practice. The course can be divided in four main subjects: 1) RFID for Fish and Wildlife Tracking; 2) Building a PIT tag monitoring system; 3) PIT telemetry for Fish Passage and 4) PIT tag antennas.

Course content:

  1. Intro to RFID
    1. What it is, history and characteristics
    2. HDX and FDX technologies
    3. Applications in fish monitoring
  2. Building a PIT Tag Monitoring System
    1. System components: readers, cables, tuning boards, power sources, antennas
    2. Site selection
    3. Reader synchronization
    4. Data collection
    5. Troubleshooting and system maintenance
  3. PIT telemetry for fish passage
    1. Advantages and disadvantages
    2. Addressed issues
    3. Technical and ecological aspects
    4. Data
    5. Examples
  4. PIT tag antennas:
    1. Types: pass through, over, floating, mobile
    2. Design: physical and electrical factors
    3. Construction: wire selection, turns, spacing, structure materials, installation
    4. Performance: measure read range and power level, the effect of orientation
    5. Resonance tuning
    6. Dealing with noise
    7. Performance optimization
    8. Special techniques: mounting on or near metal, parallel resonant “ghost” antennas
  5. Practical demonstration:
    1. Assembling a PIT tag monitoring system
    2. Antenna design: Multi-loop and Single-loop antennas


Warren Leach

Oregon RFID (OR, United States)

Warren Leach founded Oregon RFID in November 2003 to design and develop PIT tag equipment that is easy to install and manage. Warren provides technical support allowing customers all over the world to build and maintain their own monitoring systems.

Hugo Marques

Fishtag Environmental Consulting (SP, Brazil)

Hugo Marques is a biologist, M.Sc. in Aquatic Biology and Ph.D. candidate in Biology at São Paulo State University. He has over 10 years of experience in fish ecology, fisheries management, and conservation. During this period, he has worked on two large projects in Brazil, namely in the Porto Primavera Dam, Paraná Basin and Belo Monte Dam, Amazon Basin. He has had training from representatives of the Conte Lab, Dr. Alex Haro and Dr. Theodore Castro-Santos, who were the pioneers for RFID HDX in the United States. In 2017, he founded Fishtag Environmental Consulting, and is now acting as the representative in South America for Oregon RFID