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The perfect destination - Lisboa!

Lisbon is a historic capital, an amalgam of 800 years of cultural influences that mingle with modern trends and lifestyle creating intricate and spectacular contrasts. Spread across seven hills always opening a window towards the majestic Tagus River. Richly captivating, Lisbon invites you!

Lisbon is a port of call and a gateway to new adventures, a meeting point for different people and cultures. Likely founded by Phoenicians, this city was built during a millennium of colourful history waiting to be discovered by visitors. Lisbon witnessed Muslim domination, a Christian conquest, a golden age of discoveries, destruction by an earthquake in 1755 and followed by an enlightened reconstruction process and ongoing renewal. Lisboa is a patchwork of distinct and colourful quarters that beckon to be visited and experienced. Accept the challenge of discovering Lisbon on foot.

  • The city resort

With a unique triangle, Lisbon is the only European capital with sandy beaches 20 minutes away from the cobbled stone city center and a luxuriously green holy mountain around the corner. Estoril, a cosmopolitan resort with a Victorian-era charm and Sintra an oasis of luxurious parks spotted with hideaway fairytale palaces.

  • Friendly

A very tolerant city by tradition, thanks to centuries of enjoying/ experiencing cross culture influences from around the world. We make people feel at home.

  • Climate

Lisbon climate is agreeable all year around – comfortable summers and lots of warm sunshine in the winter. The average high in July is 24°C/75°F and the average low is 17° C /62°F

  • Competitive prices

Value for money - the cost of living is lower than in most Europe and Lisbon is placed among the European major cities with the most competitive accommodation rates. Especially taking into consideration the quality of the service provided.

Discover the city splendor

Alfama/Castelo/Mouraria -  These neighbourhoods are what makes Lisbon such a colourful city. Charming ancient Moorish quarters with narrow winding streets and picturesque white washed houses, crowned by St. George’s Castle.

Bairro Alto - This is Lisbon’s nightlife hub, but during the day it’s a sort of bazaar with designer shops you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

Baixa/Chiado (downtown) -  Adds a special touch to Lisbon’s ambiance. Traditionally, it’s the city’s shopping hub and a unique place for leisurely walks.  Praça do Comércio, the magnificent «Black Horse» Square with its Triumphal Arch facing the River Tagus, the Cathedral, the Carmo ruins, Chiado magical atmosphere with unique cafes and bookshops, etc.

Belém - Is filled with reminders of a past empire’s grandeur – Portugal’s discovery of new ocean routes and faraway lands, known by its monuments: the Tower of Belém and Jerónimos Monastery – both unique heritages classified by UNESCO; the Discovery’s Monument, the Royal Coach Museum. There is also the Belém Cultural Centre that hosts many cultural events. Belém is a place for walks through the gardens and along the riverside, culminating with a delicious Belém custard cupcake, one of Lisbon’s most sought-after sweets.

For more information about how to get to Lisbon, getting around Lisbon, leisure activities, the historical city centre neighbourhoods, and the Lisbon region, we kindly invite you to visit the Turismo de Lisboa website.

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