Fish Passage 2020

The 2020 International Conference on River Connectivity (Fish Passage 2020), incorporating the  AMBER & FITHYDRO EVENT - SMART WAYS TO IMPROVE CONNECTIVITY, will bring together experts, managers, stakehold­ers and companies from around the world to discuss pressing issues on ecohydraulics, ecohy­drology and fish passage prob­lems, solutions and future ave­nues of research.

The conference is aimed to be as wide-reaching as possible by being relevant to a variety of at­tendants. Target audiences are: engineers, ecologists, biologists, managers, practitioners, NGOs, private companies, consultants, students and policy and deci­sion makers. This event aims at increasing research and profes­sional networking and is an ex­cellent opportunity to connect future partners.

Fish Passage 2020 will verse on a wide range of topics during three days with concurrent sessions in engineering, ecohydraulics, bi­ology, management, and social issues. The organizing team has exten­sive knowledge and experience on fish passage research and it benefits from the support of sev­eral institutions that combined guarantee the success of Fish Passage 2020.

The conference will fea­ture the following key themes:

  • Fish passes for non-salmonids  
  • Holistic fish passes
  • Tidal barriers and fish pass solutions 
  • Fish pass attraction 
  • Cost-effective innovations 
  • Downstream migration
  • Fish friendly turbines and guiding systems
  • Dam and other barrier removal solutions and case-studies
  • River connectivity enhancement
  • Numerical modelling and computational solutions 
  • Monitoring and technology 
  • Environmental DNA 
  • Fish migration
  • Fish swimming energetics and behavior 
  • Fish physiology
  • Decision support systems and management  approaches
  • Hydropower and fish management 
  • Ecosystem services evaluation
  • Social and economic issues associated with river connectivity 
  • Policies to improve fish passage: How are fish migration aspects incorporated into policies? 

The confer­ence will also feature plenary talks from recognized experts, special thematic sessions and poster sessions. Short courses on relevant sub­jects will be available before the conference and technical and social excursions will be avail­able after the conference.

The possibility of submitting selected contributions to the conference in the form of a research article to a target scientific-related journal will be offered. The peer review process will be carried out as normal but the accepted contribution will be gathered in a special issue on “Challenges and solutions for fish passage”.

All conference contributions and communications will be held in English to allow all par­ticipants to take full advantages of the science being conveyed.

Check back soon to view the conference promotional brochure.