Presenter Instructions

Instructions for Oral Presentation Preparation:

1. Guidelines for Preparation of Your Presentation

  • Please ensure that your slides are clear and readable; we recommend using at least a 20 pt font
  • Your PPT file should be in 16:9 format for display on a PC
  • Avoid colour/shading combinations with poor contrast
  • Pay special attention to diagrams and graphics
  • Presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint™ format (no Mac versions please)
  • Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010 or 2016
  • Please ensure to have any video, animation or sound file embedded into your Microsoft PowerPoint™ presentation.
  • Save your file in the following filename format: SESSION_LASTNAME_TITLE.ppt

2. Presentation Equipment for Your Use
Each room (plenary and breakout session) will have:

  • Projector and screen
  • Wireless microphone
  • Podium
  • Laser pointer and clicker
  • Please Note - Installation of additional software or codec will not be possible

​3. Delivering Your Presentation
We would prefer that you submit your presentation via USB drive at least two sessions before your allocated Session start time to the AV technician in the Speaker Preparation Room. There will be no opportunities to use your own USB on the laptops in the session room.

4. Duration of Presentation
Arrive at your session a minimum of 10 minutes before the session starts. Introduce yourself to the session chair. Standard breakout session presentations have been allocated a time slot of 20 minutes, including questions and handovers. This means that your presentation must be a maximum of 15 minutes long to allow for a few questions and discussion. Please do not forget that some time is also needed for walking to/from the podium, handover of the microphone, and the introduction of the next speaker by the session moderator. The session moderators have been instructed to terminate presentations at the 18-minute-mark in order to ensure that every speaker receives her/his allotted time. Remember, if you exceed your time, you will miss the opportunity to address pertinent questions, and you will not be allowed to complete your presentation. We strongly suggest that you practice the timing in advance, with a rough guide of 1 minute per slide!

5. Presentation Recommendations
We offer the following recommendation to help you prepare an interesting and valuable presentation.

  • Structure your talk with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Organize your thoughts.
  • Summarize the key points in the conclusion. Why was this work significant?
  • Presentations should concentrate on the main ideas, achievements and results. Details can be addressed during the minutes reserved for questions and answers. 
  • Use visuals. Graphs, photos, etc. are valuable ways to communicate ideas.
  • Avoid reading your speech. You should be able to describe the slides from memory.
  • Avoid complete text slides
  • Engage your audience. Speak clearly and make eye contact with them.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm. You are the expert; show your passion for this work.
  • If you choose to use videos, animations or sound, test them when loading your presentation in the Speaker Preparation Room to ensure they work

Further presentation instructions will be sent out closer to the date.

Instructions for Poster Preparation:

Posters will be displayed in the exhibition area. Your poster will be presented formally during the Poster session. During the poster session, you are expected to be by your poster to discuss your work with the conference attendees. You can also stand by it during session breaks if you wish.

You will be notified of the best time to out up your poster closer to the conference.

Please prepare and print your poster to the following dimensions, the maximum poster size permitted is A0 (841mm wide by 1189mm high; 33 in wide by 47 in high), portrait orientation. Velcro will be provided to affix posters to poster boards. It is suggested to divide the contents of each poster into introduction, results and conclusions, with a summary listing the pertinent results and conclusions. The poster text should be legible from a distance of 2 meters.

The Delegate Pocketbook will include your name, poster title and abstract number. Display panels at the conference will have a position that corresponds with your abstract number.

Local Printers in Albury:

Thomson’s Graphipress (3 blocks from the Venue) 

409 Kiewa Street

PH: 02 6041 1466


Costs approximate $55.00 per print A0, 200 gram paper, price reduces with multiple copies

Printing time is approximately 45 minutes per poster

Officeworks Albury

423 Smollett St, Albury NSW 2640

Phone: (02) 6051 1700