FP2020 Cancelled

We have a new website! Please go to fishpassage.fisheries.org

Dear Fish Passage Colleagues,

First and foremost, we hope that you are all well and safe, given the exceptional COVID-19 crisis.

Due to this crisis, the Organizing Committee of Fish Passage 2020 has decided to cancel the conference. This was a difficult but necessary decision, due to the worldwide travel restrictions and to fully support the containment measures that are being undertaken.

We will reimburse all registered participants, exhibitors and sponsors, although retaining a small amount due to the organizational expenses incurred so far. We appreciate your understanding.

The Steering (SC) and the Organizing Committees (OC) will keep monitoring the evolution of the disease and of the containment measures, and by September/October 2020 we will re-evaluate the present scenario to decide the future edition of the Fish Passage Conference.

We have some good news! Several nominations for the Distinguished Project and the Career Achievement Awards have been received, analysed and evaluated by the Advisory Board (AB) and the SC with support of the OC.  The awards will be announced within the next two weeks, and will be posted in the Fish Passage Conference website.

Other good news is that the AMBER & FIThydro event will still take place on Monday, 29 June! This event will now be accessible online and more information will be made available soon. We encourage you to take advantage of this interesting and informative opportunity!

We must say that while preparing the scientific programme, we were excited with the promising quality of the abstracts and proud to bring together in Lisbon such talented scientists! 

Finally, we would like to acknowledge and thank all the collaborative effort of the AB and SC members, short-courses organizers, keynote speakers, and the positive energy of the local organizing team! Let us stay positive and wish that we all be able to meet in 2021!

Be safe, be well and take care!

The Fish Passage 2020 Conference Organizing Committee