Tours – Friday December 14th

Post-Conference Tours

The following tours, held on Friday December 14th, are offered in conjunction with Fish Passage 2018 and the First Symposium on Hydropower and Fish Management. 

Tour fees are in addition to the cost of conference registration.  Please consult the individual tour descriptions via the links below to view details of tour costs and inclusions. 

Attendees can register for tours during the online conference registration process via the following link:

Please note that listed rates include taxes (GST).  $USD listed rates are an approximation based on an exchange rate of $0.71 to the $AUD.

Tour Duration Cost Tour Size
North-eastern Victoria – A bus, a winery, some fishways and a brewery 8:15 – 17:30 Fri 14th Dec $130 AUD / $90 USD 20 – 45
Murrumbidgee River Australian Animal Experience 8:00 – 17:30 Fri 14th Dec $80 AUD / $60 USD 20 – 45
Overnight Outback Fish Screening and Passage Excursion 8:00 Fri 14th – 15:30 Sat 15th Dec $100 - $160 AUD /
$70 - $115 USD
10 – 45
Upper Murray High Country with visits to the Snowy Mountain Hydroelectric Scheme 8:00 – 17:30 Fri 14th Dec $50 AUD / $35 USD 20 – 45
Guided Fishing Expeditions 10th Dec – 14th Dec   Limited Offerings


  1. To participate in any of these tours, you must first register for the conference.  Partners of registered delegates can participate in a tour provided the nominated fees for all participants are paid in full at the time of registration.
  2. The cost of tours is not included in the conference registration fee.  Therefore, you need to register for the conference and select which tour you’d like to attend as a separate step during the registration process.  On site conference and tour registrations will not be an option because we anticipate reaching our limit of attendees before that date.
  3. Tours that do not attract a minimum number of participants will be cancelled, and in such cases your tour fee will be reimbursed in full.  You will be notified and offered a spot on one of the remaining tours if room allows. 
  4. Tours will be capped at the maximum enrolment due to limited seat numbers on buses.  Please ensure you book early to secure a placement on the tours.