Travel To and In Groningen

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The city and province have a high quality public transport network. It is also easy to
reach by all modes of transport.

Schipol International Airport

Groningen is situated approximately 190km from Schiphol. It is about 1 hr 50 min drive by car and a 2 hr 10 min journey with the NS intercity train. Public transport is comfortable and affordable in Netherlands and is the recommended mode of transport between cities. There is a direct train between Schiphol airport and Groningen:

    • Train to Groningen Station – usually departs from Schiphol from Platform 1-2.
    • Train to Schiphol Airport –usually departs from Groningen from Platform 4b.

If you are coming from another direction and you need help with directions, please contact the Coordination Team.

Groningen Airport Eelde

Address: Machlaan 14a, Eelde , The Netherlands

Eelde is situated around 15 kilometres from Groningen. Every day flights arrive and depart from different countries throughout the world. Cities such as London and Barcelona are some examples. The airport is easy accessible by car or public transport.

Public Transport

Although there are different public transport providers in different parts of the country, they all work very well together and all use the same system. To use the public transport system you will need an OV Chip Card to pay for your train, bus or tram trip.

    • Buy OV Chip Cards: These cards are available to buy from Schipol as well as many (not all) railway, bus stations and the bigger supermarkets.
    • Add money to card: Once you have the OV chip card, you will need to charge credit to the card. You can add money onto the card with some debit cards or coins at one of the OV machines or otherwise at the information kiosk at the bigger stations.
    • How much money: To give you an idea of how much money you should load onto your card, here is the approximate costs of intercity travel and travel within Groningen city
        o 25 euro – train trip (one direction) from Schipol to Groningen Station
        o 1 euro – bus/tram from Groningen Station to Oosterpoort (conference venue) (about 10 min walk)
    • Use: After you have credit on your OV card you can use it immediately.

Please Note the following:
    • You cannot use your credit card to add travel credit to your OV chip card or to buy a railway ticket at the automatic machines. (credit cards also don’t work at the supermarkets)
    • If you are travelling on the NS-train system (i.e. intercity trains) you will need a minimum of 10 euro on your OV chip card
    • Remember to tag in when you start your journey and out again when you end your journey

For more information, click here.

Public Transport Planner - App is a great mobile app to help you find your way in Netherlands.

Bicycle Rentals

Travelling by bicycle is the preferred way of transport in Netherlands. If you would like to also experience Netherlands on a bicycle, you can hire a bicycle at Groningen Station. You will need a valid identity document. A deposit varying from euro 50 (for the most basic bicycle) to euro 145 (for a tandem) is also required.

There are a limited number of bicycles, so it will be useful to reserve a bicycle. If you would like to hire a bicycle, you can contact the Coordination Team and we can make a reservation on your behalf. Your bicycle will be held for you until 11.00 am.

Cost to hire a bicycle per day: € 7,50 to € 15,- per day.

Telephone number: (+31) 050-3124174

Car Rental

For information about car rentals and/or picking up a rental car, please go the Hertz or AVIS desks, which can be found in the passenger terminal.

Car Parking

Parking in the city is no problem: there are no fewer than twelve underground car parks, and four car parks with transportation to the city center in a City bus. There are 8 P+R City Bus sites. Otherwise follow the P-route to park your car near your destination. See the Oosterpoort Venue page for more information on parking.