Short Courses

20-21 June 2015

1 Opportunity, 2 days, 5 courses

This is the 1st time in Europe where you will have the opportunity to enroll for a one day course with some of the leading experts in the field! Don’t miss the chance!

Decide now which of the below courses you would like to attend and register today. You are welcome to attend 2 courses if you wish; one on Saturday June 20 and one on Sunday June 21. You do not have to register for the FP2015 conference to be able to attend the courses.

Course Fees: € 200 per 1-day course, € 325 per 2-day course

Participant Numbers: There is a limit of 35 participants per course, so please make sure to register as soon as possible. If there are less than 20 participants, the course will be cancelled and you will be reimbursed.

Each short course will be held at the headquarters of Noorderzijlvest Water, located at Stedumermaar 1, 9735 AC Groningen.

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For more information on the short courses, click here and see the description of each course below.

COURSE 1: Downstream Passage (Saturday, 20th June 2015)

Olle Calles (Sweden), Alex Haro (MA, USA) and Steve Amaral (MA, USA)

These experts will provide insights into downstream passage problems and solutions. These experienced instructors, both from North America and Europe, will present the most recent developments in the design and evaluation of downstream passage technologies.

COURSE 2: Dam Removal (Saturday, 20th June 2015)

Laura Wildman (CT, USA), Pao Fernández Garrido (Spain) and Jesse O'Hanley (Canterbury, UK)

Ms. Wildman is a dam removal engineer with almost 20 years of experience in the US. She will be teaching this one day course where you will be able to understand what’s behind a real dam removal project. You will find out all the key points to carry out a successful dam removal project (engineering and legislation issues among many other things) and where you will be able to ask and discuss real cases.

COURSE 3: Fishway Evaluations (Sunday, 21st June 2015)

Theodore Castro-Santos (MA, USA) and Paul Kemp (Southampton, UK)

Your instructors are expert researches in the field and will be giving a very specific course on fishway evaluations. During the course you will be able to learn about passage performance upstream and downstream, survival studies, setting up a study and data processing and analysis.

COURSE 4: Technical and Nature-like Fishway Designs (Sunday, 21st June 2015)

Alex Haro (MA, USA) and Marq Redeker (Cologne, Germany)

This course is run by leading experts in fishway designs with many years of experience. They will be teaching the principal lessons, not to be missed when designing fish passages. There will also be an opportunity to practice with team-exercises.

COURSE 5: Integrating Fish Passage in Watershed Restoration Plans: How to prioritize actions and monitor their effectiveness (Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st June, 2015)

Guillermo Giannico (OR, USA) and Jesse O’Hanley (Canterbury, UK)

This course is run by experts in fish habitat restoration, watershed management, and the use of decision support tools for environmental planning and management.

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