Conference Topics of Interest

For Fish Passage 2015, we encourage you to submit session or abstract proposals on any of the following topics (but not limited to):

In-stream Barriers, Solutions, Fishways & Stream Restoration

• Advancements in technical fishways and fishway design
• Bypass channels
• Consequences of delay at barriers and fishway facilities
• Dam removal
• Denil, steeppass fishways, pool-and-weir fishways, nature-like fishways
• Ecohydraulics
• Eelways
• Environmentally-enhanced turbines and turbine passage survival
• Fish locks, fish lifts
• Fish passage case studies & lessons learned
• Irrigation screening
• Obstacles: Tidal barriers, pumping stations, hydropower, weirs, culverts and road-crossings
• Racks, louvers, protection
• Stream restoration and stabilization
• Stream simulation
• Upstream & downstream passage solutions

Aquatic Organisms & Waterways

• Aquatic organism passage
• Connectivity and links to climate change
• Connectivity, fragmentation
• Cultural resources
• Environmental flows
• Fish passage and habitat restoration
• Fish physiology and population studies
• Fisheries management
• Hydraulic and habitat modelling
• Instream flows
• Invasive species
• Life history
• Migration of eel, lamprey, salmon, sturgeon etc.
• Migratory behavior
• Watershed ecology

Monitoring, Communication, Management & Policy

• Communication, community involvement, education and outreach
• Dam safety implications
• Evaluation & review of river connectivity goals
• Finance and subsidy
• Fish passage policies, decision support tools, Water Framework Directive, Habitat Directive
• Fishway monitoring and evaluation
• Hydropower relicensing
• IT & database management
• Management and maintenance
• Permitting activities
• Project management
• Public consensus building
• River basin management and coastal zone management
• Stakeholder education