National Conference on Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Program Overview

Monday – June 4, 2012

5:00 - 7:30 - Ice Breaker & Registration

Tuesday – June 5, 2012

8:30 - Program Begins: Welcome to Fish Passage 2012

8:35 - Keynote Speaker: Rebecca Wodder, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Interior

9:20 - Plenary Speaker: Prof. Arthur Popper, Co-Director of the Center for Comparative and Evolutionary Biology of Hearing and Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Maryland

10:30 - Parallel Sessions
A1: Fish Passage Policy and Design Resources
B1: Emerging Species of Design Concern
C1: Functional Framework for Stream Assessment and Restoration
D1: The Use of CFD to Improve Passage

1:30 - Parallel Sessions
A2: Tackling Up and Downstream Fish Passage in Europe
B2: Prioritizing Barrier Removal for Connectivity
C2: Stream Simulation Methodologies
D2: 3D Acoustic Telemetry in Fish Passage Research

3:25 - Parallel Sessions
A3: Fish Guidance Systems
B3: Assessing Impact of Road Crossings on Connectivity
C3: Nature-Like Passage and Stream Restoration
D3: Monitoring and Evaluation

5:00 - Poster Session and Social Hour

Wednesday – June 6, 2012

8:30 - Keynote Speaker: Paul Greenberg, Author of Four Fish

10:30 - Parallel Sessions
A4: Policy and Prioritization
B4: Issues Affecting Riverine Species
C4: Dam Removal Case Studies
D4: Environmentally-enhanced Turbines and Turbine Passage Survival

1:30 - Parallel Sessions
A5: The State of Knowledge on Passage of River Herring: I
B5: Biomechanics and Locomotion
C5: Dam Removal Project Initiation & Regulatory Hurdles
D5: Turbine Passage Survival

3:25 - Parallel Sessions
A6: The State of Knowledge on Passage of River Herring: II
B6: Ask the Experts
C6: Dam Removal Scientific and Engineering Issues
D6: Practice and Application

6:00 - Banquet

Thursday – June 7, 2012

8:30 - Plenary Panel Discussion

8:30 - D7: Morning Field Trip

10:30 - Parallel Sessions
A7: Gulf of Maine District Population Segment of Endangered Atlantic Salmon
B7: Upstream Passage of American Shad-The Fussy Fish
C7: Managing Extreme Flows to Maintain Stream Passage

1:30 - D8: Afternoon Field Trip

1:30 - Parallel Sessions
A8: Stakeholder and Community Involvement
B8: Potpourri
C8: Fish Passage Case Studies

3:00 - Conference Ends